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Good morning,where is the private car park situated ? Is it secure? Large enough for big cars? How much does it cost? Thanks for your help
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If this is the one at Darlinhurst/Kings X then yes parking is pretty tight. Took at few goes to get our AWD in, easier getting it out. Not the easiest place to get to using Google. Car Park was I think $35/night
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Ibis Budget has a Car Park- costing $35 a night. The car park is pretty tight.
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It cost about $25 a day Yes large enough for big cars Like 4 wheel cars It is right near the Ibis Motel
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Morning! Being an airport, parking is at a premium. We drop the luggage at the hotel, then drive to the Sydney Airport Blue Emu car park, which is just a few minutes away. You can get one the free courtesy bus back to the hotel - get off the stop before the Donestic Terminal (from memory just past MDonalds/KFC)- the drivers are usually really helpful, but the busses do get really busy in peak times. The busses (there’s about 5 or 6 of them run in a continuos loop all day). I *think* the cost is about $30 per day but you’d need to google that. It’s a huge car park - open air - secure in that that’s only one entrance/exit with ticketed barriers. We’ve parked there loads of times and never had a problem. Suggest you google Sydney Airport parking - lots of options but this is by far the cheapest.
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We didn't hire the car until after our stay so sorry but I can't help you.