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Good afternoon, is there a restaurant in this hotel? If not, what can you recommend nearby? Same question for breakfast? Thanks
stev22534452The at
I only had breakfast. Try Google.Cheers
hmbi23353443The at
Yes there is one near it
marc45422224The at
No restaurant , but The Pullman is next door. Everything you need is at The Pullman.
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Hi :)There is a basic continental breakfast available but it is a small area & there are a lot of people at one time using it.There is plenty to choose from at the airport & it's a 5 minute shuttle/taxi drive away.Dinner, there is no restaurant, nothing available onsite except for vending machine chips/drinks etc.Krispy Keme is next door, followed by KFC & then McDonalds!There is a new hotel, the Mantra on the other side, next door, it may have a restaurant open to the public.Otherwise a great place to stay before a flight. :)
che.56456165The at
I had a very simple breakfast at this hotel almost 2 years ago. That’s quite ok for me.
wdea52215412The at
No, there is no restaurant in this hotel. There are only vending machines with light snacks. A light breakfast is available there. There are fast food restaurants very close by.