What time is breakfast from and where shuttle bus leave from ?

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Hello What time does breakfast start and where does shuttle bus leave from to take to international airport? Thanks
pete44313536The at
Apologies i can not assist as i had my own car and did not have breakfast at the hotel. Call the hotel and the will answer your question
gsg311422514The at
No more organised shuttle. Must be self booked & separately paid for. Never bother with breakfast.
pivo41126252The at
Breakfast starts around 6.30a.m. You book shuttle from hotel cost around $7
shah62324355The at
Same here i didnt take the shuttle its way to expensive. I took a walk if iam not wrong was like 15 mins and i was at the internnational. And not sure what time breakfast starts maybe best to check with hotel
susi32545631The at
I used the shuttle and it starts quite early. I think we caught it at 5.45am. It only takes 5 mins and you are at the airport and cost $6. No breakfast available there, so had breakfast at the airport.
ghac16432253The at
I didn't take the shuttle. For the most accurate advice, why not check with the hotel ?