How far from the aiport ?

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Hello, how far is the hotel from the airport ? We will be with small children. Thanks
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I do confirm it is a 10 min walk from the Domestic terminals. The walk way is ok, all sheltered. For international terminal you need to take shuttle or taxi. . it is few kilometres away.
sutt23521446The at
about 10 min adult walking. With small kids better leave about 20 to 30min to get to T2
mary12263252The at
Its about 850 metres. Flat walk, they were doing some road work when we stayed last, and had to do a bit of zig zaging back and forth across the road to the domestic airport. About a 10 min walk
hmbi23353443The at
About 9ks. And takes 15min
hmbi23353443The at
About 9ks. Takes about 15min
stev22534452The at
Too far to walk with small children and baggage. Not very far in a car. No traffic problems it wouldnt be 10 min.
sbot61116624The at
didnt know the way but the shuttle bus was great
tani45311622The at
It is about a 1km. There is a bus that can take you to the terminals. The rooms are small but is perfectly fine for an overnighter.
roge53352264The at
It is about a 10 minute walk to the domestic airport. There’s also a shuttle bus service available from the hotel .
jjfr33222651The at
not far, we took a cab because we had small kids. The cabbie got a bit annoyed because he had been waiting for a fare, but I didn't care as I told him when we got in and he said ok. As a few others have said its fine for quick stay, we flew out of international next morning. jim