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Train station + Reduced mobility

Hello all, I'm going in this hotel for 2 nights, can I go walk to the train station ? Isn't too far ?
Is The hotel accessible to people with reduced mobility ? Thanks a lot !
Have a great weekend

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  • paul35556553

    Sorry but I have no idea where the train station is relative to the hotel. When we stayed, we walked from the airport to the hotel and were collected by friends the following day.
    Regarding reduced mobility: pretty sure there was a lift inside but possible steps leading up to the reception.

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  • slug32513362

    Hi JackL.
    This motel is 750 metres (approximately 9 minute) flat walk from the Domestic Railway station. It is an easy walk.
    I am unsure if it is accessible for people with reduced mobility. Perhaps you could phone them on 02 8339 1840.
    Hope this helps.
    Best wishes.

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  • lucy62222562

    Can’t answer your question about the train station, but the hotel is about a 10m Walk from the domestic terminal. They offer a shuttle bus service to the terminal as well (think was $12), but you can also get on the free ‘Blue Emu’ shuttle bus from the nearest bus stop (literally about a 1m Walk from the hotel).
    The hotel is accessible for reduced-mobility patrons. It has a ramp at the entry and lifts inside (quite small from memory). We actually stayed in a wheelchair-friendly room which was huge compared to the other rooms, with a massive shower/wet room.
    It’s a pretty basic hotel, but clean and convenient.
    Hope this helps

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  • kell63243131

    Jack. The nearest train station is Mascot. Is about 700 metres along formed footpaths with 3 roads to cross
    Or you could head to the domestic terminals probably 500

    But train more often downside there.
    Also there is a paid airport shuttle that comes
    To hotel. Hope this helps.

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  • pivo41126252

    Yes the train station is to far to walk, there is a shuttle bus that pick up and drop off from the hotel cost about $7, (to an from airport) Hotel is accessible for people with reduced mobility.

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  • jorg36531541

    Yes. There are a number of stations within walking distance. The airport stations are closer (and more expensive to travel from and to). You can also walk comfortably to Mascot station from the hotel - much cheaper to travel to and from this station. Lifts and escalators at both.

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  • nish62436643

    Yes, very close to airport domestic terminal, the disadvantage is most of the taxis decline or show their face due to this.. once I had to walk pushing the baggages, which was not a pleasant experience as you can imagine. When I request a taxi, the reception asked me to get Über...and the taxi they ordered never turned up. Yes there is a airport shuttle .
    Reduce mobility access is their.

    il y a 3 mois | 0

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