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Hello there, do you know how far is the hotel of airport ? Is it far ? Many thanks
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It's a 10 minute walk from the domestic airport. I would take a shuttle bus if it was the international airport
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It is only 750 metres walking to/ from the Sydney domestic terminal
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Walking distance to domestic terminal, a couple of hundted metres and you would need a taxi or shuttle bus to international airport.
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Hi. The hotel is very close to the airport (domestic terminal not international) it is a short walk, but you can get a cab. For international, you can walk to domestic terminal & catch the train or get a cab from the hotel. There are also shuttle buses . Cheers
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sutt23521446 above is the concise answer but really you need to think about your other needs. Since when we were there no meals were available except for a breakfast. You can go to, I think KFC, next door or crispy cremes but it was not my ideal before or after a long flight.
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walking distance less than 1km I would say about 8min walk would be right
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To far to walk with luggage, there is a shuttle bus that drop off and pick up, about $7.
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Within walking distance of the terminal - about 10 minutes
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The Sydney Domestic Terminal is a 9 minute (750 metre) walk. There is an underground railway to the international terminal. There is a bus transfer that the hotel reception can arrange to either terminal.
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It's about 10 mins by car. Apparently it's not much longer to walk about a 15 min walk.