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Hello there, I would like to organize the first part of my sister's hence party in the Bar. Can you tell me a little bit about the cocktails? What DO you think? Is there any snacks or finger food to order? Whick type? Thanks
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Sorry I did not go to the bar

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This wouldn't be a problem - talk to the staff & I am certain they can set up whatever you need! Cheers!!!

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Hello, I attended an Accor members night in the bar and the staff were wonderful and there was finger food being served. I agree with others that have responded, it is best to talk to them directly and pre -order. The bar apprears to be a full bar, perhaps organise ahead of time a menu with them with maybe 3 - 4 cocktail options on it, this is best for a large group. Cocktails take time to make and takes away from the service of your guests just wanting wine and beer.

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Sorry cannot help. It would be better to ask the Hotel Catering directly. Their restaurant has decent food for breakfast and dinner but cannot comment on Finger foods. The Bar area is not very large though, depends on your party size. By the way it should be Hen's Party and not hence party. Sorry that I can't be more help.

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Not really able to answer about the cocktails, but there are various food options from bar snacks to the full restaurant menus.

I am sure if you contact the hotel and talk it through with them they will be able to arrange something for you, I find them very accommodating and love staying there, which I do often.