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hello, what did you think about the hotel restaurant ? is it nice enough for a birthday party ? do they have vegan meal ? thanks for your anwser
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Hi, like another replier, it is closed off. One of my daughters is vegan and was happy with the meal. I think they would be more then accommodating, I have asked for something diverting from menu before, but I have ‘diverted' at the hotel in other areas and the staff have been awesome.

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It's been a few years now since we went, so the possibility of menu changes is high and I would think they would accommodate all specific diets. Birthday party - depending on how many people, the restaurant is not an open area, from memory, there's walls dividing areas

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The restaurant is relaxed holiday atmosphere and the food is first class. The staff were very helpful. I'd be happy to have my birthday party here. Not sure about vegan but would be very surprised if they could not accommodate.