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Hey, what are the opening times and access conditions for the swimming pool? Is the pool shallow, or at least chest deep at some parts to allow children to play in it? Is it secure?
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Sorry We never went near the pool
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Sorry I am able to answer your question. Our stay was one night only and didn't get to check out the swimming pool.
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Sorry I haven't swam at the pool, but they do have two pools in the complex and one in particular is more child friendly
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Access is the usual daylight hours - both the small pool & main pools have gated access - they are suitable for kids no problem at all. As far as security goes you cannot get into the main pool without a room key card.have fun!!!
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The pool is open from relatively early in the morning until fairly late in the evening. It’s secured by a fence and requires room key access into the pool area. There’s a shallow and deep end. Depending on the age of the children, it should be suitable under appropriate supervision.