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Hi is there washing machines in every room thanks

il y a 8 mois | 0


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  • sere35162255

    No there is not.

    il y a 8 mois | 0

  • trev31641553

    No I don’t think so. But it is one of the nicest places to stay The customer service is amazing

    il y a 8 mois | 0

  • rita41561164

    I am sorry I can't answer that. We only stayed there overnight and it was almost a year ago. We have stayed at many Accor hotels since, so I don't remember.

    il y a 8 mois | 0

  • simm53253262

    No, there are not in every room but there are 2 - 3 laundry rooms located around th resort. It is clearly marked and has coin operated washing machines and driers. The staff are really friendly and helpful so you won’t have any issues.

    il y a 8 mois | 0

  • rebe46231122

    They weren't in the rooms but there was laundries spread throughout the resort.

    il y a 8 mois | 0

  • raym45453326

    No they have a common wash room of two machines and two dryers for each block

    il y a 8 mois | 0

  • eaab15431666

    The rooms I have stayed in did not have a washing machine however other rooms may have it. It is best to ask the management which rooms have a washing machine and then make sure you book the rooms that you want.

    il y a 8 mois | 0

  • jmma56124243

    If you mean for washing clothes, then no. There are lines above bath if you want to hand wash clothes

    il y a 8 mois | 0

  • nice35544565

    No there isn't a washing machine in each room.

    il y a 8 mois | 0

  • happ56331611

    No there isn’t , I know there is a laundry room though for us to use, but I have never needed to use it so I haven’t even looked in there sorry.

    il y a 8 mois | 0

  • azp721333145

    No there is not

    il y a 8 mois | 0

  • chwa32365246

    No but there are laundriess in each block of units

    il y a 8 mois | 0

  • katr55126442

    No but there are washers and dryers in each building. cost of $4 per load each

    il y a 8 mois | 0

  • edmo25231311

    There is a common laundry facility on the 3rd floor near the entrance to the pool but not actually a washing machine in the room itself.

    il y a 7 mois | 0

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