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Hello all, I'm going in this hotel for 2 nights, can I go walk to the train station ? Isn't too far ? Is The hotel accessible to people with reduced mobility ? Thanks a lot ! Have a great weekend
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Hi there. The hotel is very close to the train station and you do not need to cross any busy roads. On my last visit there was a ramp access to the reception area.
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It's very important to take the elevator at the platform end that is furthest from the city, because there is a pedestrian tunnel that goes under all the tracks, and comes out right across from the Mercure -- I think it is the Southern Concorse. If you go to the other lift, the walk is quite long to get to the Mercure. Mercure is accessible for reduced mobility, but you must walk to the entrance on Little Regent Street and enter via the main doors
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Train station is very close, about a 5 minute walk
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the hotel is on your left as you leave the station, not far and I think you can see the hotel sign from there
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I am vision impaired (white cane) and the walk from Central Station is no more than 10 minutes. However, the hotel entrance near to the bus stops have dangerous stairs down into the reception area. You will need to walk around to the taxi entrance for easy access
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Sure, you can go walk to the train station, it’s very near, may be only 100 metres. The location is very strategic.
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It is within walking distance. On my last visit, the station was being re-modelled. Do ask a local for advice on best route for you. Enjoy...a welcoming, friendly hotel.
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Bonjour. Sry convenient that is the most convenient hotel from central station 5 to 10 mn walking distance
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It depends on how disabled you'are; the streets and pathways are very busy and you must negociate stairs. I had tendinitis in the heel and found it reasonably difficult, but never the less managed. If I remember rightly there are shortcuts. With a GPS on your mobile, you will get a good idea of the routes to take.
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The hotel is built next to the station and is easily accessable to the station . Disability access to both hotel and station is available.