not to noisy ?

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Hi, I see that the hotel is very near to the central station ? Isn't it too noisy ? How are the rooms ? Thanks you
wend41622325The at
No issues with noise. Staff very good
leig41352136The at
I like this hotel a lot. it is not noisy at all. the restaurant food os very nice and the location is convenient. Rooms are nice. I would recommend the hotel
gasp56564433The at
Not noisy and great location
chri44544365The at
I have spent more than 100 nights over a period of years at this Mercure. Request a room on a higher floor. Traffic noise can be an issue on the lower floors. Very good hotel and friendly staff
jenn32536452The at
No trains and traffic were never a problem. It’s a very convenient location. The rooms were clean and comfortable and the staff were lovely. We have stayed there quite few times
rodn25435555The at
Rooms are fine and the wife and I had no trouble sleeping. The noise was no problem
bobg34231332The at
no it is not noisy the rooms are good
chri45454312The at
Not all all. I did not get disturbed by trains at all. This hotel is my go to in Sydney.
tim.23232135The at
There is no excessive noise related to Central Train station when staying at this venue. In terms of general noise volume from the street the level of noise does not disturb a peaceful nights sleep. The rooms are well appointed and when staying in the city this is my motel of choice. I have stayed here close to 100 occasions
teot63232415The at
train run underground.. rooms are great... not noisy..