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Hello, my family and I and coming to Auckland on august 21th, our flight lands at 11pm, i would like to untill what time we can check in ? thank you for your help.
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The hotel reception is open 24 hours .
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Let the hotel know your flight time and expected arrival time. You will have to pay a full day rate even if arriving at midnight.
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Check in 2pm
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I would come straight through immigration and proceed directly to the hotel (a 50m walk !).The reception area is much more comfortable than the airport, and you can get a bite to eat while you wait.I have found the hotel to be very accomodating if you let them know you would like to check in early, but of course, no guarantees.
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Hotel is across the road from the airport terminal and I have arrived at times from 11pm until 2:30am in the morning and found them very welcoming. The Bar restaurant is also open after midnight so that is often a welcome sight after a delayed flight.
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they are open 24/7 at reception. Many flights arrive through the night.
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I am pretty sure it’s 24hr checkin but yo be sure contact the hotel
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Hi it is 24 hour check in
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Let the hotel know of late arrival, but it is used to passengers arriving after midnight. Auckland airport operates 24/7, with flights arriving early morning, so there is no problem checking in late. It is good to advise the hotel of your flight number and expected time, then it will know when to expect you.
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You can check-in 24/7. Let hotel know when you make the booking. This Novotel is fabulous you will love it!