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Hey, I have a few hours to spend in Auckland airport after a very long first flight, and would like to have a nice rest before my next long flight. Do you know if the Novotel Auckland airport accept day use? How does it work? How can I book it? Thanks
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Am not sure. Best to email them and ask.
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It is definitely a good place to get some rest. Very handy location and nice facilities. I think you could email them or ring their 0800 no to find out about day use.
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Hi. Yes there is day use available. It starts from 6am and is subject to availability, as it depends on how full the hotel was the night before.. I have used this service for the same purpose as you have described. I ran in advance to get my name down, not that it seemed to help that much. Good luck and enjoy.
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I believe they do and you can book online