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Hello, I have booked only one night. Do you have any recommendations of restaurants near the hotel? thanks a lot
alby14532516The at
The Hotel restaurant on the ground floor dose a good meal and if you are a Accor member you get 50 percent of your meal
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Hi Sara, Any time I stay here I eat in the hotel and the dinners are lovely with great service. You will likely pay more as they have a target market. Your other option is eating within the airport otherwise you would need a car to go further a field.
gpc@64335443The at
We ate at the hotel restaurant and the meal was delicious.
bred13121451The at
If you haven’t got a car, you could walk across to the Airport and eat at one of their restaurants. I usually just eat at the hotel restaurant.
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The hotel has a restaurant, it's quite far from other restaurants.
wald42614151The at
the restaurant at the hotel is very good. otherwise a car or uber is needed. depends on what food you like.
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The hotel's own restaurant is excellent, as is room service. No other good restaurants within walking distance as far as I know, though plenty of cheap but decent eats in the airport.
wald42614151The at
there's a good restaurant in the hotel. Ive also enjoyed a good inian meal on Kirkbride road but you need a taxi to get there. about 10 mins away
jame41334135The at
There is nothing too close except in the International Terminal. The hotels own restaurant is OK for breakfasts but cannot speak for dinners.
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We also just stayed one night and had dinner in the hotel restaurant. Which was fine for us. Suggest you get the menu from their website to see if it meets your needs. Afaik there aren’t any other restaurants near the hotel