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Hello all, I'm going in this hotel for 2 nights, can I go walk to the train station ? Isn't too far ? Is The hotel accessible to people with reduced mobility ? Thanks a lot ! Have a great weekend
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this is a great hotel it appears suitable for guests with reduced mobility however there is no rail link from the airport. Suggest you book a specialised taxi if you have reduced mobility
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It is very accessible for disability but I don’t think there is a train station in walking distance.
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There are buses into Auckland and other areas. Great mobility at the hotel
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Sorry, I have not been to the hotel by train...just from a flight and then to link up with flight the next day.
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The hotel is located at the airport and is only a few minutes walk from the arrivals gate. Unfortunately there are no trains at the airport. The closest station would be approximately 7km away.. however there are plenty of shuttles and buses if you wish to go somewhere.. The hotel staff should be able to help you with that.
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There is no train station at Auckland airport but the hotel is ok for the less mobile
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Access. R For reduced mobility is fine with a ramp to the hotel. Fromt door. The hotel is accross the road from the airport and only 1 minutes walk. I am not aware of any train access to Auckland. But buses and taxis very easy at airport entrance.
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No there is no trian station nearby so you either have to use taxi, Uber, or buses. Yes the Hotel can be accessed by people with reduced mobility.
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There is no train station in auckland airport. U can use skybus to go to city. The bus stop is right in front of the arrival gate The hotel is great for reduced mobility. And the location just across the airport
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Hi there is no train station at Auckland airport but there is a bus into the city. It is right at the Airport and would be fine for reduced mobility.