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Hello, do you think that this hotel is well located for visiting the north island ? Thanks you
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Not really unless you are flying to your destinations.Downtown Auckland is better for tourist transport sightseeing and water travel.
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I find it great for doing business in the North Island. it is right opposite the International Terminal and a car can be rented and returned right there. It saves time and money on additional car rental days. The hotel is a good standard if a little expensive . The restaurant is a good standard but bookings can be required as it it is usually quite busy.
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I have stayed there over 50 times in the last 7 years, so I suppose this answers your question. I will not stay anywhere else when flying out of NZ
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Hi Agree with all the above answers , great hotel to stay when you arrive as only a couple of minutes from airport on foot , staff are awesome and helpful. Your trip around the North Island will take you away from Auckland so you wont be able to use this hotel as a Hub. Traffic can be a challenge in Auckland so best grab a car and head either North or South of Auckland. Beautiful places in both directions. Good luck enjoy your stay in our wonderful Country.
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No really just suitable as an airport hotel flying in late or leaving early
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It’s really useful for an overnight stay if you have an early flight or a late flight into New Zealand as it’s located right outside the international terminal. Not a hotel you’d use for visiting the north Island. Hope that helps.
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The North Island is big, but Auckland Airport is a major domestic air hub, so it is easy if you want to fly to different locations. The North Island is larger in area than Cuba or Iceland, and around a third larger than Ireland and around 3x the area of Taiwan.
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If you're flying in & need a one night stay then Novotel Airport is the place but remember it is just a fabulous hotel in the middle of the airport carpark, nice & quiet though. Heading north I don't know of the hotels available but if you want to stay in Auckland itself for 2-3 nights I suggest you stay at the Novotel or Ibis at Ellerslie. Then head south to Rotorua & stay at the Novotel Lakeside. Personally I do not like the Ibis at Rotorua. In Wellington I always stay at there Ibis in Featherston Street. It's centrally located, great rooms & staff. I prefer this hotel to the Novotel in Wellington. Happy travels in our beautiful country
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What part of north island are you visitingIf just using air travel that hotel is perfecy
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Hi. This is an airport hotel so is fantastic to stay in once you land to get adjusted to the local time. To explore the North Island you are going to want to move around. From Auckland to the bottom of the North island is about 9 hours driving and from Auckland to the top Is about 6 hours and they are non stop times. New Zealand roads are windy and travel times often surprise visitors so it's important to plan ahead. Hope this helps.