Novotel on Stevens Singapore

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Hello I'm looking at staying at this hotel soon, are there ant points about which you could help me with,(eg) what room would be better the service, the location. all would be helpful, thank.
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Good hotel and close to the airport and DFO shopping centre. Food at the Catalina restaurant is good. Avoid the fourth level, as the room could be under the gym on level 5. I've been in a room under the gym and banging began at 5:30am and was happening until 10:30pm. So be aware on check if the say fourth floor.
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Hi all the rooms are placed around an atrium. Higher floors better, corner rooms bigger. View on both sides good, one over looks the airport so you see all the planes coming and going and the other side you have mountain views up the the Sunshine Coast way. The rooms are well insulated so you don't hear outside noise. Hope this helps.
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Higher the floor the better. Great food, nice rooms and obviously very handy to the airport which means you don’t have to worry about traffic on the day of your flight.
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Hi Only stayed once before flying international. Pleasant airport hotel. Really only for overnight stays before flights. We had a very nice room on a high floor. Room service was very good. This is not the place to stay if you are wanting to be in the city. Only stayed the one night, so cant tell much more. Hope that helps.
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The Novotel at Brisbane Airport is a good hotel but there is nothing socially around it. Provided you are happy to live within the hotel facilities I would recommend it. It is close to the airport but you would need a transfer to the hotel. If you are staying in Brisbane for a few days there are Novotel hotels in the city which would be more convenient.
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Comfortable , Clean and tidy hotel that is busy most of the time. Rooms located around the atrium can be a bit noisey at times. Parking is available but limited . As hotel is close to airport it is very popular hence rate can be expensive
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all the rooms are very similar and good. A higher floor is better but i have stayed all levels and they are all fine
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All rooms are good High Floor rooms have better views All have great amenities and are clean and modern