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Hello, I stay 3 days in this hotel. Do you have any itinerary recommendations to discover the city? thank you so much
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That depends on what things you like to do. Canberra is a quiet small city with a beautiful late and plenty of surrounding bush land. If you like to see landmarks, I would consider looking at Parliament House and the National Gallery (if you like art). The city is much more vibrant now than in year past. If you like walking, Black Mountain and Mount Ainsley are good and you get wonderful views from there. If you like history, the Australian War Memorial is an excellent place to spend some time. Enjoy
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Suggest you look at Trip Advisor for things to do in Canberra. The war memorial, Parliament House, old parliament house, Mt Ainslie lookout, Tidbinbulla nature reserve - all are good. Museum is good as is National gallery. Novotel is well located but you'll need car or take some tours.
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Canberra is a very pretty town in lovely surroundings. However I would spend one day visiting the National Galleries and museums.
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The Royal Australian Mint is worth a visit. It’s free entry and has plenty of interesting things to see and learn. Only a 15min drive from the hotel.
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Mine was a business trip so not much advice on things to discover I'm afraid, good choice on the hotel though.