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Good evening, is the place near by the city ? i do not want to use car during my trip, but just to walk around. thanks for helping
clau25165223The at

Great location , walking distance to shops and restaurants.

bret56115624The at

Uber will solve any issues. Canberra is spread out and some attractions can be several kms apart. It's a safe and nice walking location regardless. Note it's chilly in the mornings and evenings this time of year.

murr24434232The at

Yes it is in the city & if you like walking then you can walk to the Galleries & Parliament Houses. They are a little bit of a walk, away, however if you have time it is worth the walk.

ian.52525665The at

The hotel is in the centre of the city. Should be fine for walking for most things.

lkir65426651The at

yes it is near the city. But some attractions maybe a little too far to walk

gkil23321561The at

Yes you are in the centre of the city, no need to us a car

tomm16222154The at

This is a great location if you wish to be near the Centre city, you would be there in a couple of minutes walk.

You wont need you car unless you would like to visit any tourist attractions which may be out of the city . If so the concierge can assist you to catch public transport.

tani22263142The at

The Novotel Hotel Canberra is very centrally located. The new tram/light rail is right opposite. The main hub for the public transport buses is across the road. It is the perfect location where a car is not required.

dgur21632224The at

Perfect position near/in the CBD, however a short trip required to tourist attractions

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Yes it is right there. No need to drive