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Indoor pool

hello, i would like to know at what time does the pool open and close ? thanks for your return

maqpe17283949The at

bus/train station nearby ?

Hello, Is it easy to go to the hotel by public transportation. Are there station nearby ? Same question for town's visits. Thanks you very much

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Hello, I am taking my two kids around the city for few days, the youngest one is only 1 year old, therefore I would like to know if there is any babysetting service ? if yes, is it extra ? thanks for your help

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Hello, where to hang-out, in the area of the hotel ? Many thanks

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honey moon

Hello, what do you think of this ressort for a honey moon. Is there any special attention ? Thanks you

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professional meeting

I'd like to organise a professional meeting in this hotel. Is there any convenients for buisness ? Many thanks

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Good morning, how is the all day buffet? Is it really all day or are there special times? Which type of food is served ? Is it good quality ? Thank you for your help

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vegan option

Hello, I'm organizing a trip for a client, who is vegan. Does the hotel have any no-meat options for the breakfast or for the lunch/dinner. Many thanks

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Special request

Hello, I am celebrating my husband's birthday and would like to organize a surprise in the room... Does anyone have already asked for something like this in this hotel and can tell me about how he/he did it and how it was? Thank you very much

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3 days in the city

Hello, I stay 3 days in this hotel. Do you have any itinerary recommendations to discover the city? thank you so much