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Hello, do every room has a nice view ? Do I have to ask before booking it ? Thank you
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Apologies, previous reply was in relation to Sofitel on Collins. Novotel rarely has views, agree atrium option (again on high floor) might be best.
hver34415551The at
its in the heart of the city so the views are limited. higher floors look at the skyline of Melbourne which I find interesting
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We prefer the view into the Australia Arcade with its shops and activity, and of course no traffic noise to speak of.. Even from the top floor there's no decent view of the Yarra River that I've found, so always opt for a room overlooking the atrium.
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None of the rooms have a view. the inside rooms face into the inside of a shopping centre.
arun65426535The at
This property is in city centre. We took room with outside view of shopping street only. I do not think there is much choice about it .
gera62631542The at
Not all rooms have a nice view I have stayed in some there that look into the roofs of adjacent buildings
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I believe there are views on both sides, but I'd ask for a River View on a high floor. Enjoy!
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Hi I can’t recall what the view was like sorry.
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The views from our rooms were internal into the atrium. Very nice and pleasant. I would ask just to make sure, but from the layout I am expecting all rooms have that same internal atrium view. :) I would ask for a higher room though just to cut out any potential noise from the area below. Our room was quiet as......
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Most rooms don’t have views at all as they face internally across a shopping mall. If you want a view onto Collins St you would have to ask. I always book the internal facing rooms as they are quiet. The ones with windows onto the street are noisy, even though they have views.