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Hello all, I'm going in this hotel for 2 nights, can I go walk to the train station ? Isn't too far ? Is The hotel accessible to people with reduced mobility ? Thanks a lot ! Have a great weekend
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The answer to both of your questions is YES!
anth11353126The at
It is a couple of blocks to Flinders Station. I’m not sure about the mobility.
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Hi, yes easy access to station on level footpath and hotel has lifts so easy accessibility??
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Hi Jack, the train station from memory is about a 10/15min walk. That is Southern cross station. But there is a free tram that runs on collins street, there is a tram stop a couple min away. I do this accessibility is pretty decent for the hotel. Main entrance is off the pavement and then take a list upto Level 3 for the reception. Enjoy your stay.
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Hi, Flinders Street Station is about a 5-10 minute walk. The hotel has accessible rooms, you should request one. The Lobby is on the 1st floor but there is a lift.
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There are two sets of lifts from the rooms to the street level, and then it’s a 3 block walk to flinders street station. That size of walk is pretty standard for any hotel, but you may find the extra lift a little bothersome.
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There is a tram in front of the hotel- it may be a100m walk from hotel grounds to the tram station.- Once you are on the tram, you can take alternate trams and ultimately to the train station. To get to the lobby- there are escalators to take. Hope it helps.