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Hey, what did you think about the breakfast? Is it buffet style or a la carte ? Is it possible to have it in the restaurant with the view? Thanks for your help
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It is buffet style. I found it hard as I don't eat breads, pancakes, pastries and don't eat bacon. I like fresh chicken, fish, greens and eggs. Hate precooked scrambled eggs. Like fresh cooked eggs anyway. No greens like spinach was available. So for me it was very boring. Normal buffet overdone with unhealthy food rather than healthy. I don't get it why this day and age they haven't realised that half of us like to have the healthy alternative. We ate elsewhere the next morning, even though we eat 2 for 1 price.
penn53425433The at
Buffet. Good selection. Can't recall any spot for breakfast with a view, though it's been a couple of years since we stayed there.
theb42511411The at
Buffet style, not very good. My husband thought it had been there from the day before. Sorry, our experience of this hotel not good
bens33221316The at
Buffet breakfast. Food variety is reasonable but if can add some more local varieties , it will be more perfect. Beverage serving is good as there is always 2 coffee makers around. Can consider expanding the outdoor seating (with more fans) as it has its pool view dining.
jose23441616The at
The breakfast is good buffet style at a good deal with your Accor Advantage Membership discount. But I dion’t think there is view from the cafe. Overall stay is pleasant.
japh31362254The at
Hi, the breakfast is quite ok. You can have a choice between buffet or a la carte. The view from the restaurant is pool view. Hope it helps.
dary26521511The at
The only breakfast with a view I know of is on the executive floor which you pay extra for.The standard breakfast is buffet on the lobby floor with little view. I think it has al carte eggs, omelette
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No view and is buffet