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Hello, how is the distance from the aiport ? Is there a shuttle service ? Many thanks
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you can catch a train from airport to central station then the light rail from central to darling harbour I have done it
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Darling Harbour is approximately 30 mins drive from the airport (Taxi or Uber). This will vary depending on the traffic. You could also get the train/tram or bus. There is no free shuttle service as far as I am aware. I think there are hotel shuttles from the airport that you could arrange.

Hope this is helpful.

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It’s about $60 aus by taxi
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Its would be about 30mins in traffic . The hotel doesn't have a shuttle but there are private ones you can book also you can catch the train from the airport to Central then taxi
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Hi - it is not near to the airport and I don’t think they have a shuttle . There is an airport train but this also doesn’t bring you close to this Accor hotel.
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HiDon’t think the hotel has a shuttleThere are lots of other ways to get from the airport to the CBD and the beauty of Sydney is that it is a CBD surrounded by water.It’s about 15 km and about 20 mins traffic permitting especially if your driver asks if you want to take the cross city tunnel which is about $7 AU if you need to know. Hope this helps. It’s a great hotel.