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How is the restaurant ? Is there veggie and vegan dishes ? Many thanks
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I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at the restaurant, veggies were great
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The restaurant is one of the best in Darling Harbour make sure you try the cheese and garlic naan bread it is the best and the service is faultless I have never had a bad meal yet and had to spend a lot of time there in the last couple of years you won’t regret it
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We did not eat in the restaurant for dinner, but had lunch in the bar area and breakfast in the morning. The food served in the bar area for lunch was excellent, and from memory there were vegitarian opitons. As far as breakfast goes there were lots of options.
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Hello I'm not a vegan or vegetarian but the food and staff and service is tops I would think in this day and age they would provide a menu for vegan and vegetarian meals
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Yes there is ....and beautifully prepared
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Hello the restaurant at Novotel Darling Harbour, is brilliant. What a great dining experience. The chefs will catering for your needs., you only have to ask if nothing on the menu appeals to your liking. If you have a chance sit up around the chef station, great atmosphere and lots to see while chefs are creating and working hard . Enjoy your stay great staff and lovely hotel .
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The restaurant was very nice and yes there were veges and vegan options
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Hi there ... the restaurant is fine and the food is good. I am not vegan or vegetarian, so am not an expert on these things, but I do seem to recall that they had vergetarian options on the menu.
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Certainly seems to be for breakfast. I suggest to call them directly and ask to speak to Andrew who is head of guest services. He is He will answer your questions and arrange anything you need. The customer experience at this hotel is excellent. I was there every month last year for business and could not fault them.
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The restaurant is good and they do have Vegetarian offerings I am not sure about vegan though. However you are in Darling Harbour and there are some of Sydney's best restaurants just a short walk all around the harbour. So I would not be worried about the food situation at all