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Hello, im so happy to see that this hotel has tennis court. Is it possible to get a leson from a teacher ? can we borrow tennis raquet and ball at the hotel ? do we have to pay to get a court ? thanks for your return
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I have once seen a person being coached but I don't know how you set things up. It's a wonderful hotel contact them direct and I'm sure they will help. Enjoy your stay.

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It has a tennis, a pool and a gym all on reception level 1 but I'm sorry I have never used the court so I can't answer your question. I would guess that they lend you the racquets and balls and that the court has to be reserved but is free to use. If it's any help you can email the guest experience manager, Andrew Austen. I find him very helpful and I'm sure he can book what you need in advance and answer your questions.

Here are his details:

AUSTEN Andrew - NOVOTEL Sydney Darling Harbour GR1

Hope this helps ??