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rooms with wiew

Hello, what are the best rooms ? Which one choose to have a good wiew ? Thanks you very much

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Good morning, I would like to organise a big event in this place, can you tell me: what did you think about the meeting rooms? are they nice ? is there day light? is there any room with a view on the garden? how is the quality of the food? Thanks for y... See more

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car park

Hello, does the hotel have a car park, or is there one near the hotel ? Thanks you

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Car Park

Hello, How is the car park ? Is it a private one ? Is it large enough to park a big car? Is it safe enough? Do the hotel charge it and if yes, how much is it ? Thanks a lot for your help

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Transport to the beach

hello, How far is the hotel from the Beach ? if there any shuthlle service to get to the beach ? Can we borrow beach towel to the hotel ? thank you.

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Good morning, is there a private car park? If yes, is it safe? Secured? Free for guests or extra charged (and how much) ? Thank you

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Hi, we'd like to stay a few days in the hotel. Does the hotel organize excursions in the nearby parks ? Many thanks

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You asked me was it quiet in the Novetel North Beach

Hello Yes l have stayed overnight there and it is very relaxing and the rooms are quite. I had dinner at winjammers restraunt and the waiter brought the coffees to my room after dinner. 10 points all around thanks

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Children menu

Hey there, I know Siam square is a very busy and noisy place, so is this hotel well insulated from noise? Can we really sleep in peace? Any advice about a special quiet place or room in the hotel ? Thanks

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Check out

Hi, could you please tell me if I can check out in the afternoon or late in the morning ? Thanks