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Hello, I have a early plane, what time does the buffet Breakfast start? Thanks

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  • wwws23163341

    From memory I think it was 6.30 am but not entirely sure. Sorry I can’t be more definite. Nice hotel, very convenient.

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  • wald42614151

    i think its 6am start. if thats too late for your flight maybe room service could be an option

    il y a 1 ans | 0

  • dian22213625

    I believe the restaurant service is available 24 hours. But if not then room service is certainly available 24 hours.

    il y a 1 ans | 0

  • vick32155525

    Not sure, I think about 6am, but can get breakfast delivered to room also

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  • gpc@64335443

    We had an early flight to Sydney- around 8am I think. The buffet started quite early around 5 but we crossed to the airport and checked in our bags and then came back to the hotel for breakfast. Extremely easy and saved some time not having to wait at the airport which is a bit boring.

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  • njbr44232526

    I thought they started breakfast early at 5am but I normally eat in airport before an early flight. Best to check with the hotel in case it’s changed

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