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Hello there, how far is the hotel from the airport ? Does the hotel have a shuttle service ? Many thanks
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The Novotel, is direct opposite the airport. Approximately 50m wlaking distance from the airport exit
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It is about 50 metres from the airport - very, very convenient. I am not sure about a shuttle but you do not need a shuttle to get to the Hotel as it is literally across the road.
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The hotel is right next to the International Terminal. If you are coming from the domestic terminal, you can either walk (about 10 min) or take free airport shuttle bus. If you are leaving on an international flight, you just have to walk across to the terminal. There are carts in the lobby of the hotel that you can use.
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Hotel is about 50 meters from International terminal, just across pedestrian crossing and you’re there. It is approximately 500 meters to the domestic terminal from the hotel.
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The shuttle buses are part of the airport facility not the hotel - they are clean and easy to use.
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About three minutes walk (if you were going slowly) from the international terminal and about a ten minute walk from the domestic terminal following a green line (outside both the international and domestic terminal) painted on the foot path/sidewalk. OR you can catch a free shuttle bus which goes between the international and domestic terminals at around 10 -15 minute intervals. There are information desks inside the airport with people who will show you where to go . I always stay here if I have an early or late flight. They also do day rooms.
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It’s right at the arrivals hall Less than a minute walk from leaving the terminal so no shuttle is necessary
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From the Domestic Terminal catch the shuttle bus or walk 10mins follow the green line to the Arrivals Hall. From the Arrivals Hall go outside and your hotel is across the road. There is public transport that takes you into Auckland City or Manukau City Public transport (Bus 380) also connects with the rail service at Onehunga and Papatoetoe Stations both services will take you into Auckland Central.. the Skybus stops and starts across from the Hotel this bus will take you into Auckland or from Customs Street, Auckland to the Airport and Hotel. There are also shuttle vans and taxis services outside Hotel at the Arrivals Hall. I know this as I have used all the services while staying at the hotel or going to the hotel
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Hi there, The hotel is basically located adjacent to the international terminal. It is a 3 minute walk into that terminal and a 15 minute walk to the domestic terminal. Very close. Regards, Simon.
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It is not far at all, it is in the car park of the airport, 50ms if that. There is a shuttle service between the domestic and international terminals, but this is a short walk of around 10mins