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Hello there, I'm seeing that the hotel is located on a big street ? Is it noisy ? What do you think ? Thanks you
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The street was busy - due to light rail construction the traffic was quiet due to congestion. The room i stayed in was between the elevators and the pool, that was busy until closing, you may want avoid that floor.
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The building is well insulated and very quiet
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I have stayed in the Novotel Canberra several times and never experienced any road noise or other noise problems.
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Yes. There was building works when we were there and you could hear the big buses leaving from the depot.
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Our rooms faced the main road and we hardly heard any noise at all. It was very quiet.
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The hotel is in Canberra city but their city is not like any other city. No people rushing around or cars. Hotel is very quiet, will have no problem with noise,
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I have stayed there many times and I have never heard the traffic
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Never had a problem having stayed at the Hotel many times Even observing the construction of the light rail in front of the hotel has not presented a noise problem
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No it’s a good hotel location and the rooms are good and not noisy.
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Hi. No, I haven’t had any problems with steer noise at all