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Hi, what did you think of the hotel's breakfast ? Does it have salted food ? Thanks
john54341255The at
I didn't eat in the hotel as there are many cafes opposite.
davi55616645The at
The food is ok. You can make requests but no, its not salted really.
jaso65231414The at
The Breakfast is nothing special. There are some local dishes, usual western bread section, egg section. fruits. Dont expect too much.
shar61216434The at
Sorry we didn't have breakfast there
kili33135315The at
It was Ok - general hotel food but a good variety Not salty
a.bo51523354The at
The breakfast was OK. Not sure about the salted food. Usual selection of hot and cold dishes.
spoo52532334The at
The breakfast has very good selection of cooked and continental, not sure about salted food.
jpx@44666556The at
Breakfast is really good with a very large rangge, not sure about salted food. I wouldn’t pay extra specifically for breakfast though if it’s not included in the room rate as there are plenty of nearby breakfast cafes
noel51321533The at
The breakfast buffet is one of the best I have experienced. There are many and varied choices available. You select what you want. Not sure what you mean by salted food. There are healthy and unhealthy options, it’s up to you what you select. I am sure you will not be disappointed. I’ve eaten there many times, it is a favorite , even if I’m not staying at the hotel. I phone this helps.
rkga14334533The at
What are you looking for? Buffet breakfast is western and Asian. Also has a la carte if you prefer.