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Hello, How is the car park ? Is it a private one ? Is it large enough to park a big car? Is it safe enough? Do the hotel charge it and if yes, how much is it ? Thanks a lot for your help
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We did not have car on our visit so had no use for carpark. Sorry, didn't even see it.
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contact the Hotel, i have never driven to the hotel with a car only taxi to and from the airport
pet_35134352The at
Car parking is great,safe and secure. It can handle large vehicles,we have a Lexus 450h SUV and no probs. The hotel control an area in the car park for guests and have a charge $59 for 24hrs.
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Sorry I can’t help you as we didn’t have a car with us.
kmal52244364The at
We didnt use a car as the MRT is directly behind the hotel
runa24626432The at
Sorry we did not have a car so have no info on this.
maws56553612The at
Sorry but I have never parked a car there. Always use taxis which are reasonably priced and plentiful.
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I’m sorry but can’t give you an answer on this because every time we’ve stayed there we haven’t had to worry about car parking.
1stn42411645The at
I did not use the car park. The hotel is in a very busy cluttered entertainment area. Is great if you want that vibe.
nico22653515The at
Hi, not sure there's a car park at the hotel but there's a public car park meters from the hotel. In terms of safety, it is Singapore, the safest country in the world.