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Hello, do you know a fusion restaurant near the hotel ? Thanks you
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Not aware of Fusion restaurants but many good options within a short walking distance of the hotel which also has a great restaurant for breakfast & dinner. Cheap eating options are also available in the adjoining shopping mall.
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Sorry don’t have any particular restaurant. We go for dinner depending on where we end up at the end of the day. There are some quite good review websites that may point you in the right direction. Bon appetit
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There are lots of restaurants along the riverbanks both rows and I am sure you can find one that suit your taste. By the way, I am a vegetarian and there are also menu that offer such food too. GOOD LUCK !
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Sorry too many cities visited I was thinking of KL not Singapore
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Not sure about a Fusion but the Pullman is a short walk and good 2 4 1 dining with Accor Card
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3 options ,Haldhi, dragon Phoenix, Khusbu fragrance of india . Plenty of great street food .
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Sorry I can not remember
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Sorry I’m not aware of one. We dined quite a distance from the hotel with friends who are based in Singapore.
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Sorry I'm not familiar with Fusion resturants but as the internet says that there are many Fusions in Singapore so there is a good chance one will be in the Clarke Quay area. Sorry I couldn't help more. Keith
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Sorry I do not know of a fusion restaurant but there are so many restaurants close to the hotel.