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3 days in the city

Hello, I stay 3 days in this hotel. Do you have any itinerary recommendations to discover the city? thank you so much

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  • chri66655665

    1. Explore Darling Harbour - shops, Chinese Garden and Chinatown
    2. Visit Maritime museum and Sydney Aquarium
    3. Visit Sydney Tower, The Rocks, Circular Quay and the botanical gardens
    4, visit Taronga Zoo great zoo but also amazing views of the city. Travel by Ferry
    5. Visit Manly by ferry

    il y a 3 mois | 0

  • harr22636235

    take ferry to Parramatta or Manly or Taronga Zoo.

    Unlimited cafes / Restraunts in Darling harbour and a stroll to the city

    China town / shopping / Restraunts

    Shopping in the city and attractions like - Harbour Bridge / Opera House / Centre point / Botanical gardens..

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  • mark11125436

    There are so many activities you can do from this base. Taronga Zoo is excellent and one thing I like to do one evening is to go by ferry (from Circular Quay) to Manly for dinner - in fact you can go there to the beach during the day too - and when you come back about 10 -11p.m. you have terrific views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House all lit up with lights. Enjoy your time in Sydney.

    il y a 3 mois | 0

  • efin46616121

    Hi Marie, I stay here for business so not the best person to ask unfortunately. Darling Harbour and circular quay are both wonderful. My number 1 would be the manly ferry from circular quay. Walk down the mall at Manly to the beach.

    il y a 3 mois | 0

  • curl32332346

    Hello Marie there is so much to do just explore . Darling Harbour is a great precinct with clothing outlets and various shops . But make sure you go into the city circular quay and the rocks area , lots of great places to explore and lots of history with old restored buildings. One of my favourite places to eat is Malaya just near King street wharf , some wonderful restaurants . Enjoy.

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