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Hotel in general

Hey, this place seems to be wonderful. Any advice ? Any review of your stay overthere? Thanks

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Well being

hello, did anyone know about the quality massage at the hotel ? what are the price more or less ? do we have to book it in advance ? thanks for you anwser

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young children

Good day, do you know if there are some specials attention for familly, especially for young children. Thanks you

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Hi, My friend and I are going on a trip around Brisbane, we are staying few nights in brisbane, i noticed that the hotel has a bar, is it nice to hang out ? what are the coktails's price ? good for a birthday party ? thank for your anwser.

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buisness center

Hi, what do you think about the buisness center ? Is it good ? Many thanks

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where to eat ?

Do you know a good restaurant near the hotel ? Thanks you very much

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Hey, what is offered in the Spa? Which is the products' brand? Any advice about a massage or treatment to try? Thanks

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best rooms

Hello, I want to celebrate my wedding anniversary (25 years !) What are the best rooms please ? Thanks

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parc for jogging

Good afternoon, I follow a strict sport program (one hour of running per day), and I have a professional travel to do. Does the hotel is near a parc where I can run ? Thanks you