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Hi, My friend and I are going on a trip around Brisbane, we are staying few nights in brisbane, i noticed that the hotel has a bar, is it nice to hang out ? what are the coktails's price ? good for a birthday party ? thank for your anwser.
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The bar area is beautiful

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I agree the Sofitel bar in Brisbane is a wonderful location. It is modern and has some unique lighting that makes it even more special at night. The cocktail menu is good and pricing is on par with other hotels. It would be a great location for a birthday party. They also have a great extensive dinner buffet that is one of the best in the country (not your typical cheap food, but wonderful stations with separate chefs that prepare food from around the world).

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We found the bar very comfortable, and as Ian said, the prices are in line with other top quality hotels in Brisbane - good finger food menu,
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Personally we dont drink cocktails so cannot help you with the price. All places are great for birthday parties.Hope you have a fabulous time.
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In my view it’s a very comfortable bar with two sitting areas. Great cocktail menu and the bar menu is great. Everything at the Sofitel is pricey but I’ve seen much higher prices for poor drinks and food. Not so here the quality is great.