Break-fast and lunch options

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Hello, how are the break-fast ? Is there some take-away lunches options ? Thank you
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The breakfast is the best I have ever had at any hotel. Good quality food, plenty of choice and very good service. I am not sure that there are take-away lunch options but the Sofitel are very flexible and helpful so I would expect that they could help you with this.
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Breakfast is amazing, nice choices. If you are staying in a club room you have the choice of the restaurant or the club room. Not sure about lunch but I am sure Sofitel would help you.
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The Sofitel has an amazing buffet breakfast. One of the best we’ve had. I’m not sure about lunch options but there is a little shopping centre and food court downstairs.
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breakfast is great you wont need any lunch.
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Breakfast is fantastic, allow lots of time to slowly enjoy yourself
diet15351555The at
We had breakfast in the Cafe in the shopping area next to the Hotel. Don't know if they do any take-away lunches. They may do a picnic style lunch but probably at a hefty price. There are so many great eating options in the city to consider.
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Breakfasts are available either in your room or the restaurant on level 35. I am unaware of any take away being available from the restaurant. There are also cafes in the fore court area.
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I have eaten breakfast in the main restaurant and the executive lounge and found both to be a very nice selection of food with superb views. I am fortunate at present to have breakfast included but can be pricey for others having to pay full price and I am unaware of take away lunch meal options but depending on the type of food you are seeking I’m sure staff would help direct you to business ‘s close by. Melbourne has a huge variety in food choices. Staff at the Sofitel are excellent in all areas and I’m sure would offer great assistance .
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Hi, The breakfast in the hotel is very good and there are lots of cafes and shops downstairs if you want to go for a walk.
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The breakfast at the Sofitel is really nice . Not a lot of options but well prepared food which is quite tasty. There is a good court below the Sofitel that has a lot of takeaway options with a few nice cafes.