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Good afternoon, I am organizing a surprise to my wife for our 2 years anniversary. On this occasion, I would like to arrange a special romantic meal in the restaurant. Do you have a special recommendation on the menu ? Something you have tasted and really loved? A special table or place in the restaurant ? What do you think about the food in this lovely restaurant? Any advice you would have about it ? Thanks a lot for your help!
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I would ask for a table by the window as this looks over the garden which is always nice.....I also have the steak when i eat there, but have had friends order over stuff and it has always been great
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Please refer your questions to the Hotel Concierge and/or Restaurant Manager for the best response.
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The food is excellent in the restaurant as you may be aware. I think a seat at the window overlooking the garden is the nicest. If I was you I would let the restaurant know that it is a surprise and special occasion and perhaps pre-order a bottle of bubbles to be brought to the table immediately after you arrive.