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Hello all, I'm going in this hotel for 2 nights, can I go walk to the train station ? Isn't too far ? Is The hotel accessible to people with reduced mobility ? Thanks a lot ! Have a great weekend
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It’s right next to Britomart which is Auckland ‘s central suburban rail station and a short stroll to the ferry terminal. Sorry I don’t know all about accessibility but it seems fine. No steps to get in and large foyer and hallways.
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The train station is walking distance however if you have reduced mobility this may be difficult to manage. Would suggest either an Uber or taxi.
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I'd agree with those who have said it is hilly and a bit of a distance from Circular Quay. I don't think public transport is great for someone with real reduced mobility. However, if you want to stay in this area... this is what the terrain is like,. If you just want to be in Sydney - I'd look at the Darling Harbour Sofitel - it is really close to a station, although i can't confirm what changes are like as I've used uber or a taxi.
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The hotel is pretty close to Circular Quay station tool
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Hi JackLi76, It's possible some of your correspondents above are talking about different hotels. Nevertheless the other responses make sense. The walk from Circular Quay station is uphill and more than a little hilly. Also dragging or pushing a suitcase may add to the difficulty. Once at the hotel I would say you will be fine. All the common areas are flat and there are lifts and escalators so you should be fine. Maybe a cab from the station is the best option.
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Apologies I thought the question related to the Mercure in Auckland. The Wentworth has good access but it is some distance from Circular Quay railway station and it’s a steepish hill down and then back. I don’t think there is a Wentworth station. It is a flatter trip to Martin Place rail station but it’s furthrr than Circular Quay. There is a Mercure hotel adjacent to Sydney’s central station but the hotel and general area is nowhere near as nice as the Wentworth. You could Uber to a station as the hotel is really nice.
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I would say 900 meters. It was easy for me....
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Hi, It's about 10 minutes walk from either Wynyard or Circular Quay. Access for reduced mobility at the stations and the hotel.
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Hi JackLi76 Yes The hotel is very good for reduced mobility with ramps, lifts and escalators to the 2 different ground levels, and flat entry to the streets. It is about 500metres walk to a train station (Circular Quay), and the walk is a little hilly.
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Its right next to wentworth station and also is accessible for people with reduced mobility. Enjoy your stay