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best rooms

Hello, what are the best rooms with the better wiew ? Thanks you

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hello, the place looks amazing, i would like to get for my husband and I the best room with the best view, what did you think about the room suit ? is the price worth it ? would you recomand it ? thanks for helping, means alot.

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Hi, do you know if the service is fast ? Thanks you

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Location and equipment

Hello, is this hotel well located? What are the things to do around? Is there a swimming pool? Fitness center? Any nice room to recommend? Thanks

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Airport shuttle and noise

Hey, does the hotel provide an airport shuttle? If yes, is it free or charged? And what about the noise coming from the airport, can we hear it in the rooms? Thanks

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Electric car

hey, i am travelling with my electric car, so i need to charge it really often , is the service for free ?if not what are the price for a full charge ? which power do the charging provide ? 3KWH ? 21kwh , is it a ultra rapid charging ? thanks for your he... See more

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Fusion restaurant

Hello, do you know a fusion restaurant near the hotel ? Thanks you

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Hello, My husband and I are taking some day off in Melbourne, we want to get the luxury room, is it worth it ? is there any extra services for getting this room ? what about the view ? it its really important for us, thanks for helping

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distance from the airport

Hello, how is the distance from the aiport ? Is there a shuttle service ? Many thanks

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Hello, how is the break-fast ? Buffet or "a la carte"? If it's a buffet style, can we be served at table (I have some difficulties to walk) ? Thanks