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Hello, I will stay for one night. Have you tried both restaurants, NO35 and SOFITEL CLUB LOUNGE ? Which one would you recommand ? Thank you

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  • caro26611341

    Yes, I have used both Club Sofitel and the restaurant No 35. They are both great, but different in what they offer.
    Club Sofitel is not so much a restaurant, as a business lounge that does some food. To gain access to Club Sofitel, you need to either pay a membership/access fee, or have access as part of your room deal (or if you are a Platinum Le Club Accor member, you get complimentary access). Once you gain access to Club Sofitel, everything there is complimentary. They have really great hot and cold pre-dinner canapes , along with a full bar with just about anything you like to drink. When I stay, I often fill up on the canapes as dinner, if I don't want anything formal. There is also a great breakfast buffet and a la carte breakfast menu, and a light lunch, all provided as part of the service. So if you have access to Club Sofitel, you won't need to pay for any meals if you don't want to.

    No 35 is a formal restaurant (bookings recommended, as it's often very busy), which has a great menu and extensive wine list; but it is not cheap (around $40 for a main course). If you have an Accor Plus membership, you can get up to 50% discount on food there.

    Both are on the 35th floor and have stunning views of the city.

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  • benn51326112

    We had lunch at No 35 and it was good. Lovely view. An alternative would be to check out the eateries behind the hotel in Flinders Lane and other small lanes off that. No knowledge of the Club Lounge but it is a superior hotel and I expect it would be fine.

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  • gill23515366

    I have tried both and they are both excellent. Level 35 has views over Melbourne and the bay. Club Lounge has a great choice of canapes & breakfast . If you like 5 star dining go to Level 35

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  • iamj65555333

    They are both quite nice. The view from no35 is amazing.

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  • hele31532542

    sorry, havent tried either

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  • raew63542511

    I would recommend NO35. The staff were fantastic and the food and view sensational. (Ask for a window seat). Enjoy ...

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  • barr15144661

    I have not eaten in the Sofitel Club lounge. Their No 35 restaurant is certainly worth trying. Excellent service , good food and great views await you.

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  • pedi51444455

    You won't be disappointed with either l would use club lounge as it is quite intimate and if you like make a later booking at the restaurant when the club lounge facilities finish

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  • aaro23145345

    They both have stunning views of Melbourne, if you have the option of both I would recommend Sofitel club for breakfast and No 35 for Dinner :-) .

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  • bret11332515

    Definitely No 35. Exceptionally good with stunning views and service and food.

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  • vinc61243221

    Tried both. Both ok. Service at Club Lounge was excellent. Highly recommended

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  • mhay62134513

    Hi, really depends what you are looking for. No35 very nice and more upmarket and/or formal. Club lounge less so. Check out the menus when you arrive!

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  • noel51321533

    Sorry but I haven’t eaten at No 35. The Club Lounge is not a restaurant. It offers canapés and pre-dinner drinks , I believe although I haven’t accessed this either. Sorry I couldn’t help further.

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  • brie53313554

    Horses for courses as they say. 35 is a "full blown" restaurant with bells and whistles whereas the Club is more a place for light meals, relaxing, pre-dinner drinks, canapes, breakfast in the morning etc. Hope this assists.

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  • dhaw33161234

    No. 35 for sure

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  • corr11354544

    No 35 with the great skyline views!

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  • scri41213364

    I would recommend #35

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