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Hello, we are going to Australia with our kids who love animals. Is there a zoo with kangaroos and koalas near the hotel ? Many thanks
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Taronga Zoo. It’s a ferry ride across the harbour from the hotel. And the ferry terminal at circular Quay is quite close to the hotel easy walking distance
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Yes! Taronga Zoo is a short ferry ride from this hotel, and has a large number of native and other animals.
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Of course Taronga Zoo! Five minute walk from the Hotel

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If you have limited time Taronga Zoo has the Australian Natives grouped in one section. As the Zoo is spread across a hill it is wise to catch the gondola ride to the top of the Zoo and then walk down the hill back to the ferry. I hope that you enjoy this amazing view from the zoo.
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Whilst I do not live in Sydney, I visit often. Taronga Park Zoo is not within walking distance however it is not difficult to reach by ferry from Circular Quay - not too far. Check it out at the link to the zoo below. There are directions to get there. The ferry trip across the Harbour is beautiful and the view from the zoo spectacular. Well worth a visit. Enjoy Sydney
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The Zoo is on the other side of the harbour - take the ferry it is a lovely trip!
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There is a zoo that is quite easy to access from the hotel. We just went down to circular quay and caught the ferry over to Taronga zoo.
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Hello, Yes, you can go by ferry from Circular Quay to Taronga Park Zoo. It is a short walk from the hotel to the Quay - around 5 minutes. The hotel is in a very handy location in the Sydney CBD. Enjoy.
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Yes there’s a zoo called Taronga Zoo about 20mins from the city. You can google how to get their from your hotel.
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The zoo in Sydney is at Tooronga Park on the north side of the Harbour frequent ferries depart circular quay to the zoo for more detail suggest you check the zoo website.